Monday, June 21, 2010

Blood Cell Counts Back Up

Well after four days in the hospital we literally do not know much more information.  They have not been able to find anything out from all the tests they performed.  What we do know is there is No infection found in the brain or anywhere else for that matter.  That was the big concern, a infection to the brain and spinal fluid.  They think because the anti biotic’s started attacking any bacteria that was growing before the cultures where taken at Hazel Hawkins.  It could also be that her immune system was so low that she just got sick from all the chemo.  The good news is that her temperature is back down to normal and she is starting to be more aware of what's going on.  She is not nearly as confused as she was the past couple days.  Kelly’s white blood cell count was way down yesterday, so low to the point where we could not have any visitors and she could only have certain cooked foods.  She received a bone marrow shot yesterday which brought up her cell count today.  It is a good thing for her counts to bounce back up that quickly.  If things keep going well, we may be back home by Wednesday.  Kelly is scheduled to get a intratheical (aka chemo delivered directly to the brain) dose of chemo tomorrow morning.  They will also take some fluid out at that time to send to the lab to check and see if the number of tumor cells in her spine has gone down.  If it has gone down, she will only have to receive the intratheical chemo once a week as opposed to twice a week.   She is also set to get another treatment of Gemzar on Wednesday.   On a bad note, Kelly does seem to have another lump starting in her left breast now.  It started a couple weeks ago when we first noticed it.  We showed the Dr this morning and she did not have much to say other then it feels and looks like cancer.   This lump really does not change the course of action and treatment because Kelly already has metastatic cancer in multiple areas of the body.  The hope is that the chemo Kelly just started will help with all the cancer in her body including the skin, lymph nodes and breast along with the brain and spine.   She has a lot going on but this girl does not give up! She is a fighter and we all have a lot to learn from her about never giving up and or complaining about a bad situation.  Let’s all pray that she has a super good response from the Carboplatin and Gemzar treatments (Aka Chemo that goes throughout the entire body)

Kelly still is in a lot of pain, mostly in her spine..this has been the one thing that makes being at home miserable for Kelly and a challenge for me.  I did have a conversation with a pain management Dr. today about what we could do to keep Kelly more comfortable.  I think we have a game plan that could work but we will see.  We also have a new 24 hour / live in caregiver that was with us last week…Kelly and I really like her…This should make being at home a little easier for the both of us. 

  I will try to keep you all posted as things happen.  Thank you for continuing to read the blog and for all the good vibes and prayers!  God bless you all.  
~ Manny & Kelly


Laurel said...

Manny and Kelly, you are both in my thoughts and prayers every day. I continue to send love from far away.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. Praying for these new chemos to do their job and get rid of the cancer. Keep fighting and draw on the strength of all the love and prayers surrounding you. I love you, Lisa

Robert Alvernaz said...

Thanks for the updates! Much appreciated. Hope the new chemo will work and fight off these horrible disease! You both are always in my prayers and never give up and stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Manny and Kelly,

We will continue to pray for you both and send all positive thoughts your way. You are absolutely right Manny, we could all learn from Kelly- she has taught many of us to be fighters and have Faith. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING you need.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the updates, Manny. Your family continues to be in our prayers. God bless.

gelica said...

I continue to pray everyday for the two of you, and I know that you can count on my brother for anything you may need. I hope the new info I gave you will help you in some way, I have been doing my research at work whenever I can. God is with you, I will keep praying.
~angelica castillo

Anonymous said...

Manny its alan travasso. I pray for you and kelly. Keep your head up my friend! God is with you!

Anonymous said...

Always an inspiration to hear how she is still keeping strong. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help.
Hillary, Frank & Sammie xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

As are both in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Keep hangin' in there guys. The prayers are many and strong!

Anonymous said...

Manny and Kelly,
We continue to send our prayers and good thoughts to you and your family. You are beautiful people full of grace. Stay strong. Chris Breen and Family

Anonymous said...

Manny, I'm so sorry for your lose. I hope you can find happiness through all the happy memories, Kelly and you had and through Kelly' beatuiful never ending faith, stregth, and smile.

Roberto Garciaguirre said...

Manny I am writing a few words to give you my condolences for your lose . Kelly put a great fight for survival and you as her husband have to be very proud of her .I know these are though times for which none of us is never prepared for. However, knowing you for so many years since you started working in San Juan Oaks and throughout all the conversation we shared together I am more than sure that you supported her 100% and that is something you have to be proud about as well. I really consider you a Great friend and I am sure you will overcome all obstacles in your way and proceed in achieving all your goals in life. As a friend of yours that I consider myself I just want to wish you the best of the best because you deserve it. Kelly may be gone materially but ,all of us who had the honor to meet her will always remember her for her bravery and courage that she shew till her last day.Sometimes in life we have to move a step backward so we can go two steps forward ,kelly has been a great example and hope for those who are still suffering and her proven courage will help other people who are desperate for hope.
Best Regards.
Roberto Garciaguirre and Family.

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