Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We Are Starting To Get Home Sick :(

Well today we received some unexpected news.  We thought we would be leaving the hospital today (Wednesday) but because Kelly has had such a high heart rate (125-150) the past week, the Dr’s felt something still might be going on. So this morning Kelly had to do a full chest scan to check for different things that could be happening.  We sat in our room patiently expecting the discharge nurse to come in any minute.  Well that never happened.  The hospital Dr came in to let us know that Kelly had a small blood clot in one of her lungs.  This was a big red flag to the Dr’s and they said we could not go home.  They said the team of Dr’s were going to collectively evaluate the situation and come up with the best solution for Kelly.  Around 5pm the Dr finally came back to tell us that they wanted to keep Kelly on blood thinner shots but just up the dose and do this from home. The one thing that would prevent us from doing this plan was if the insurance would cover the shots and let us administer them at home. Well we checked with the insurance and they said they will share the cost of the shots with us. That beats us staying the hospital another five days which is what was option B.  While taking these shots, we have to get her blood checked every other day to make sure the blood is actually thinning.  The Doctors believe that with Kelly’s condition and the fact that she has been battling a lot of anxiety, she is high risk for blood clotting. The fact that she has cancer could also be making her heart just work harder. The Doctors all felt strongly about getting Kelly home and that her anxiety should get a bit better when we get back to familiar surroundings. Because I have the experience giving Kelly injections from when did our fertility treatments back last July, the Dr’s feel comfortable for us to administer at home.

On a couple good notes, Kelly has not had a fever since Saturday, so any infection that she had should be gone.  Because Kelly was doing well and had no infections, they decided to give her all of her Chemos yesterday.  They feel like we have to be as aggressive as possible because the cancer is so aggressive.  So far Kelly has handled this week’s chemo well, she is just very fatigued and wants to sleep most of the day.The oncologist visited us this morning and said that the samples they have taken from Kelly’s brain fluid have come back with no cancer cells in them.  Sounds like great news to me but the Dr said this probably just means the samples they have been taking were not large enough samples to find cancer in them.  The entire team of Dr’s that have tried to pull fluid out of Kelly's brain have had problems.   Even the surgeon who put in the port could not get a good draw.  Hopefully the oncologist is wrong and the cancer in the spine is really gone because the chemo is kicking its butt! We will have to wait about a week to see the next sample results. 

So we should be going home sometime tomorrow if everything goes well tonight and in the morning.  Kelly has expressed many times how bad she just wants to get up out of the bed and go home. Lately, Kelly has been experiencing nightmares in which she is walking in her dreams but only to wake up and be able to move.  This has brought her a lot anxiety, especially at night.  This will be another obstacle we will have to overcome but I know we can get through it. Thank you for all the wonderful comments, wish we had time to write back to everyone just not enough time in the day. God bless you all.
Manny & Kelly


Alexis & Matt said...

Hi Manny and Kelly,

Please know that we are praying for you. We pray that the oncologist was right and that you will get to go home soon. We'll also be praying for peace of mind when Kelly sleeps.

Much love to you both.

Alexis Spiva (Jenae's friend)

Vickie Bettencourt Robles said...

Manny and Kelly,

Not a day goes by that I don't think about you two and pray for Kelly to get better. I just wanted you to know you both are in my thoughts on a daily basis. Good luck and Manny you're doing an awesome job with your post!

Lots and Love and Prays to you both!

Vickie Bettencourt Robles

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the updates Manny. We admire Kelly for her strength to fight this, and we admire you...Manny...for your devotion and dedication to getting Kelly through this. You are both very strong people. Our prayers continue to be with you both every day. Marilyn and Tim

Anonymous said...

Manny please let me know if there is anything we can do...cook dinner, grocery shopping..just ask
Love to you both

Anonymous said...

I am going to pray like crazy that the next sample comes back also showing no signs of cancer!! I hope you get to go home today and that it helps Kelly to get better rest with less anxiety. the strength the two of you have together as you keep tackling each obstacle that comes your way is amazing and inspirational. Thinking of you and praying for you all the time. Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Praying, praying, praying. Thank you for the updates.

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