Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Bye Sushi

I start chemo tomorrow morning so that means good bye to sushi, hello hand sanitizer!

I will be back to carrying hand sanitizer with me 24/7, drinking lots of water and eating crackers. I am currently looking online for another wig, just to mix things up. Maybe a long one just like my hair used to be. Although, when I had no hair I always felt much more comfortable wearing my headwraps...especially in the hot weather.

I spent the afternoon with my sister and mother enjoying my last sushi lunch until chemo is over. I was supposed to clean my house a bit and organize my loft, that can wait.

Wish me luck and hope for least amount of side effects. Hand Foot Syndrome does not sound fun but then again neither do the other side effects on the front & back 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

Until Next time

Kelly Freitas


Love2read said...

Keep fighting....keep smiling...keep walking...and know that we are all thinking positively and praying for you. A positive attitude is the best we can all have (even though sometimes that can be difficult) when this "thing" hits us. Marilyn and Tim S. PS...and we won't look for you at Starbucks for awhile.:)

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see you walking yesterday! I hope you enjoyed your last(for a while) sushi lunch. I will be praying not only for minimal side effects, but for these chemo treatments to do the trick!! Keep up the good work Kell.....you will be the winner in the end!!
Love you~

Anna F said...

We are praying that you will come through with the least amount of side effect and an infinitisimly small or nonexistant tumors. I think a new do would be entertaining for awhile until it warms up! So go for it! Thinking of you always!
Anna (and Stephen)

Kathleen said...


Good luck with the chemo! You have such a positive attitude which will take you a long way with this thing. I know you can beat it and am praying for you and Manny.


Theresa said...

I hadn't realized that we were members of the same club. As I read your blog, so many things mimic my life. The grass does become greener, friends become dearer, and husbands become Knights in Shinning Armor. I was diagnosed Stage 2 Breast Cancer in October, and Stage 4 in February. 2 more chemo's to go...
Have a beautiful, peaceful and joy filled day. I would love to walk with you.
Jim and Theresa Martin

Meliss ♥ said...

You are always in my thoughts Kelly ! You are a brave woman who I admire, keep smiling that beautiful smile !!!

Anonymous said...

We are all praying for you everyday!!! Stay strong and keep up the good work! You are doing AWESOME and we love you!!! You can do this!!! I have some spaghetti to bring over your way!!!! XOXOXO Love you!~Tiffany

Patty D said...

May the Lord hold you in His counsel and guide your every step.

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