Monday, September 14, 2009

Walsh art

My surgeon drew all over me today marking where the tumor was and marking  where my biopsy was taken all while my husband stood and watched... what a great way to spend a Monday. hah! He is the best surgeon in the Silicon Valley(voted by the people) I still get very nervous every time I have to go see him. This time he delivered nothing but good news, tumor much smaller, looks like a lumpectomy will do the job. But the thought of surgery makes me sick to my stomach. I hate surgery, okay so I am trying to eliminate the word “hate” from my vocabulary, I dislike surgery very much. The thought of being cut open, removing chunks of whatever from me, including lymph nods. Being put under with anesthesia is the worst part for me, loss of control, waking up the whole experience makes my mind go crazy and my stomach a ball of nerves!

But, again, I must think positive so this surgery will ultimately remove this God-awful disease from my body including a few lymph nods that were also infected. He thinks sometime after Thanksgiving for this surgery. My last chemo treatment is Nov 11th and my body needs about 2 weeks to 1 month to recover enough before surgery. Then he will go in and work his magic. I will stay overnight and have some sort of drain bag in me for a week. If all goes well then I will have radiation soon thereafter. There is a chance he would have to go back in for a full mastectomy if the disease wasn’t completely removed, but I will hope and pray that a lumpectomy will be enough. I also hope I become a bit more excited for this surgery rather than nervous.

Over the weekend I was excited to attend the annual Kinship Food & Wine Tasting. This year I was the DD for the crew that joined Manny & I… first time ever! It was wonderful getting out and seeing everyone. We even went to a couple bars including one that had a band and I danced every chance I got. I was just happy to get out and not be at home… even if it meant squeezing hand sanitizer on my hand every 20 minutes! ; )

Me excited DD for the evening!

Sam & I got a picture in also ; ) I swear I am wearing a dress!

Until next time

Kelly Freitas


Anonymous said...

Kelly you look amazing! I'm happy to hear you got out and had a chance to let lose. I think about you often and pray that you will only hear good news at all your doctor appointments.

Jamie Inman said...

I am a 2time survivor and have followed your progress through a prayer chain. I am involved in breast cancer support and advocacy through a business and recently a non-profit in San Benito County called The Giving Ribbon. I would love to meet you and see if there is any way our band of survivors and caregivers could support you. It looks like you have a big support system. Good for you! Bless you and your dear husband.

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