Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today is a bittersweet. As I type, I am taking in my last day of chemo drip by drip. That is a wonderful reason to celebrate. I made cupcakes, my mom brought sandwiches and we also brought wine for the doctors and nurses. Unfortunately I can’t drink now although I may drink a glass of champagne later myself. hee hee

The bitter part of my day involves this darn rash and skin biopsy. You know they always say “no news is good news” (those they people seem to be right sometimes). Last night at about 6:00pm our phone rang and it was my surgeon telling me that the skin rash is indeed cancer that spread or possibly the same tumor. So that means surgery ASAP. Next week on Friday(Nov 20th) actually. They will remove the whole breast, nipple and full node dissection on the right side, since there was 10 nodes involved they want to all. I believe there are 20 on that side. I don’t really care to have a boob, I may feel differently once its gone similar to when I first lost my hair. But I know I won’t care in the long run if it means… my health and a chance to start my family. I really want to know what our kids will look like, selfish I know! ; ) The reason a mastectomy bothers me is because the surgery is harder, plus the lymph nodes double hard. Ohwell I have one of the BEST surgeons in the silicon Valley, this was voted by the people and numerous doctor magazines and I concur.

The long term plan: I will still have radiation after surgery. My oncologist will also run the results of the tumor (after surgery) by Stanford to make sure I will need any more chemo just to be safe. Even Doctors get second opinions. 

So as of right now the decision of whether or not to do a lumpectomy vs mastectomy has been made for me, which is good to not have another decision to make.

So I must get back to Laverne & Shirley(Tia Frances & Mom) and my husband!

Kelly Freitas


Laurel said...

Hooray for the end of chemo (at least for now) and for a surgery date. I don't know about you, but I always feel better when things are settled and you know what's coming - the unknown is often the scariest thing of all!

Stay strong and keep smiling. You are a beautiful, amazing, inspiring woman, and will continue to be no matter how many boobs you have!

Anonymous said...

You can do this Kelly, Look how far you have come so far!!

Start visualizing, baby steps, toward the day of the surgery. 1st day work on relaxing through the idea of packing your hospital bag, next day getting in the car to go to the hospital, 3rd day registering in the hospital and so on. Take it one day at a time, think about it and breath through the anxiety. Visualize yourself a strong goddess that can conquer anything! Or whatever feels right and works for you!

Gosh I think my therapist would be proud :) LOL

Love you,

The Jerseymooners said...

I love you , Kelly.

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