Monday, July 6, 2009

Lucky Lady!

I really should buy a lottery ticket today. So the fantastic 4 (Me, Manny, Anthony (my father-in-law) & My mom) started off the day with a great start! First stop the Fertility Doctor, I needed to have my blood tested to make sure my hormones are coming back down at a steady pace, which they are. We also found out that we are officially freezing 9 babies! Which is a GREAT number and 7 of the embryo’s are graded A’s and 2 are graded A- just like in school, they are already honor roll students! ha ha!

Then off to get my white-cell booster shot from the Oncologist, typically a single shot the day after treatment, well my insurance company won’t cover this shot because it is too expensive. Instead I have to get a more affordable shot that I have to get daily! Which means driving to San Jose EVERYDAY! WHAT! NO! After a couple of phone calls the insurance finally approved the at home version of these daily shots. After the fertility shots this is easy for Manny, not as easy for me it burns going in. But I am happy that I don’t have to drive to San Jose everyday and pay a $25 dollar co-pay every visit. It costs a little more to get them at home but the trade off is much better. Plus after I finally got mine today I had a bit more energy and didn’t feel as tired. The Dr. stopped by to chat with us and see how I was feeling. They were all pretty impressed at how well I was doing, I myself was feeling very excited at the minimal side effects I have had. I am extremely tired, short of breath only when I exert myself (on walks or walk upstairs fast) I do have a metallic taste in my mouth at all times. Finally I do feel nauseous  only when I am hungry, so as long as I have my 6 small meals a day I am great! let’s hope it stays like this!!!! ; )

After waiting for my surgeon to get out of emergency surgery, he did a follow up/check up of my port.  It’s looking great, and it works wonderful which we already knew. He also did a follow up exam on my tumor measured it and said “It’s smaller!” I couldn’t believe my ears! Already from Thursday to Monday, smaller (just a wee bit but heck who cares SMALLER!)! FABULOUS! Before chemo and finding out I had cancer, I did have a LOT of pain where the tumor was, that has gone away since chemo started, so I knew it was working but I didn’t realize it would work that well! The news that I don’t have the gene also means the medicine I am on is that much more effective so that is yet another thing to be happy about.

Fourth of July was great! I wasn’t very tired and got to enjoy the block party outside our new home! We have the most amazing neighbors and are happy to have chosen the house we did. They really are welcoming, caring and an awesome group of people. We all BBQ’d in our front yard, then at dusk started lighting off the fire works, stopping only to watch the perfect view of the local school firework show. My parents and Manny’s parents joined us that evening, they had a great time too. I can’t wait to spend many 4th of July’s here. The first was already great, considering. Although at about 10:30 I came inside and fell asleep right away! Apparently Manny and Adela were having a conversation with me… oops!

Anyway here are some pics from the 4th and the picture of me and my favorite nurse at my first treatment that I promised.

Until next time!

Kelly FreitasDSCN0404DSCN0407 



Me and my favorite nurse while getting 1st chemo treatment!



lsilva39 said...

Kelly~ this is all great news!! so glad to hear that things are going good and you aren't having too many side effects. You are a great writer. I enjoy your postings and always find myself with a smile on my face at the end :) We'll keep praying and sending positive energy your way!

Valerie S. said...

Kelly, That is all such great news. I have to agree with Lisa. Ever since I started reading your postings I have thought you are a great writer. I often have a smile on my face too, and that's probably because you are such an amazing person! I have a story for you. Someone started a prayer chain( maybe Tia Cindy, I'm not sure )and I forwarded it to everyone! Well, this past weekend when I was visiting with my Dad, who lives in Florida, but was in California for my sister's wedding, he asked me who Kelly was. I told him. And he told me that ever since he received that e-mail, on Wednesdays at 5 minutes to 8:00 p.m. he turns off everything (the T.V. and the computer) and prays for you! And he is amazed that he remembers!! People around the world are praying for you! We all love you!!!

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