Monday, July 20, 2009

It’s Official, I am a Sinead O’connor look alike

Well this weekend my hair started falling out in chunks! Every time I touched it or combed it Manny and I were in amazement on how much came out. Manny was even more amazed at how much was still on my head! I knew I had a lot of hair but it was insane how much would come out and my hair still looked okay. That was until I took a shower on Saturday. As most of you know I am pretty happy and positive most the time, but I am human and I do have my moments. Saturday in the shower was that moment for me. The hair came out, and came out and came out, and I freaked out! Crying and screaming for Manny, he came up right away and the first thing he says to me, “babe, it will grow back…you look beautiful!” It was really hard to get out of this funk, standing there wet while Manny held me, reminding me to stay positive and cheer up. After a while I did cheer up, and we went to hang out with family. Always a good distraction, family, nephews, niece all there enjoying each others company. 

I always said I would shave my head when I was ready, well Sunday I was ready. It was getting everywhere and the inevitable was coming so why not buzz it right? Well we set up shop in our master bathroom. I even pulled up the webcam so my sister could watch and cheer me on via her web cam. Manny first started by cutting it short, giving me a lovely bi-level cut, a Victoria Beckham look, then some sort bangs and short do that made me look like a Beatle! He then pulled out the clippers put on a #4 and started shaping my hair for a Mohawk… which I think I rocked pretty well! I even took the clippers to my own head for a bit. After styling the Mohawk and taking photos, we finally finished the job. Took a few more pics and voila! I am now sporting a new short do. Here are some pics from the Mohawk! Let me know what you think, I love reading comments!

Me and my “Rock-On” pose!


Another angle of the hawk, also the final product with a Rosie pose! (ignore all the hair on my shoulders… Yuck!)

IMG00531-20090719-2038 DSCN0430

Keep an eye out for me and my new wig.

Ciao for now!

Kelly Freitas


Anonymous said...

Kelly I'm sending you hugs. Nothing can prepare you for the shock of having your hair fall out. You will see how fast it grows back. I love the pictures you posted. You are such a pretty little thing! Be proud sporting your "topless" look, Please give Manny a big hug and kiss from me, he is a gem of a hubby. I will tell you about my "one eyelash"... It lasted for days!
I hope you are dealing well with your chemo treatments. Rest sweetie. Love, Stacy's Mom

Monica the Bride said...

Hi Kelly, you are gorgeous always. I mean it, always. Hugs and kisses your way!


Anonymous said...

You are still as gorgeous as ever - LOVE the mohawk shots!!! Still thinking of you daily. Todd and I read your blog together and I'm praying for you every night. :)
-Lisa (Rock)

Hollister Sutton Family said...

You might have shaved your head but all I see is the great smile! I kind of want to say congrats on this next step but not sure it's's like another step on the road to recovery. Lilie can't wait to see your "new" hair:)

Anonymous said...

You still look great, your smile is contagious :) People like you give the word life a whole new meaning. Keep inspiring all of us!
Love, Tina xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

P.S. I am TOTALLY jealous about your hair prep time! It really is wash and go!

Laurel said...

You are totally gorgeous - and you totally rocked the 'hawk!

So what are the plans for the wig? Are you going natural, or can we expect a Lil Kim look alike? :-)

Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

Kel: Sexier than ever! Move over GI Jane.
Manny: You're AWESOME.
Love Tia, see you guys soon.

Melissa Good Taste said...

Beautiful Kelly. Just think of all the fun you can with a stylish wig. ;) Following your progress and wishing you the best... Melissa Dassel

Anonymous said...

I love the Rocker Picture!

Dude I'm telling you a Dragon Tattoo on your head is what you need! :)

I agree with all the others posts and Manny you are beautiful with or without hair. Thank God you have a cute shaped head :)

I love you, and keep ROCKING!!


Anonymous said...

Kelly- I know you and Manny are going through a lot right, and as you stated, some days are worse than others. Just remember that you totally ROCK and soon you can say, Wow that was one heck of a hurdle we overcame!!! Love you, Val

Anonymous said...

Kelly,you are awesome and so adorable. I Love You. Love Tia KIm

Anonymous said...

Manny I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how amazing you are, when I read Kelly's posts it brings back so many memories for me. I wish that no one had to deal with what you are dealing with right now. But together you will make it through this, and come out on the other side happy and strong. I remember looking in my husbands eyes and seeing that he would do anything he could to take the burden of fighting cancer on his own shoulders. Many times I know he wished it was him so that he could be in control and fight the battle. Little did he know that without him healthy and strong, I would have never made it through the battle. Manny your love will be a shield that protects Kelly, and from what I've been reading you are a knight in shinning armor! Stay Safe Kids. Sending my love...Sandy, Stacy's Mom

Anonymous said...

You are truly an inspiration! Your positive attitude and courage are amazing and show your incredible strength. We are all praying for you. God bless...
Paula Chadinha

Anonymous said...

i love it - you are gorgeous and BRAVE! keep smiling - you are in our prayers. chris

Anonymous said...

We love your new hair do. Its fabulous!! I do agree you need a dragon tattoo to complete the look. ;) We are always checking in to see what's going on with you and Manny.

We love you guys.
Tim and Ligia

Anonymous said...

I'm just in awe of you as I read your blog, Kelly! I am praying for your continued strength. Love the hair, too! Oh yeah, and congrats to Manny on the promotion; read about it in the Pinnacle today!
Chris Walker

Anonymous said...

i found this post by accident but honestly you are pulling off that short hair look something fierce! looks great on you!

Jennifer Brown said...

Kelly you are beautiful no matter how long your hair is or isn't...Keep smiling that beautiful smile and know you are in our prayers and the Lord has a plan for you...(P.S. Loved the have so many people that love and care for you and are praying for you...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

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