Monday, June 15, 2009

Think positive!

Well I wish I was beginning this blog with something positive, because I like to live that way, thinking positive. Instead I am bearer of bad news, I now have breast cancer, it has brought about so many emotions for me and makes me feel like I am watching a movie- and this is not my life.

But reality bites and it is my life, so I will think positive, and I know that the stubborn Portugee in me won't let something like this win. Manny and I (with the help of family) are taking all the next steps that come with finding out you have a disease like this. Blood tests, MRI, Oncologists, 2nd opinions, and buying a lot of books, including a calendar to keep all my new appointments straight. I think anyone who knows me, knows that I hate doctors and now they will become my new best friend, the people who keep me healthy, guide me through the steps to become cancer free.

Details: well we don't know too many details just yet except that I have cancer, it is in my breast and will most likely begin medicine and treatment before surgery. Once this week is over I hope to have everything figured out... as much as I can anyway. I will keep this blog up-to-date as much as possible so everyone can read up on how everything is going.

On a brighter note, Manny and I will celebrate 1 month as a married couple tomorrow! I guess the vows "through sickness and health" really hold true here in our home. He really has been great today, and I know this is hard for him also, so while you are thinking of me please remember to help him to because he is an awesome man (and husband) that needs some support also.
Thanks for reading and keeping us in your prayers, it really means a lot to have so much support from all of you!

Kelly Freitas


Sue Marsh said...

Please tell me this is some crazy joke! Okay, I know its not because you would never do that. So, what it is, is one more thing that you will decide you have to "accomplish" (read Kick It's Ass)and I know you will. Not even a question of that. I don't imagine it is what you two had in mind for your first year of marriage.

What does one say, "I'm here for you?"; "You're in my thoughts and prayers?"; "This sucks?"; "I can't f*&#@ believe this?"; "Let's meet for coffee?"; I like the later :) xoxoxox ~Sue

Tami said...

Kelly, my heart is aching for you. This is like a really bad dream. I'm speechless right now.

Please know that I am here for ANYTHING you need, anything at all.

You, Manny and your family are in my prayers.



Anonymous said...

Kelly, We are soo sorry for what you and Manny have to go through. Please stay positive and you'll beat it. We'll be praying for you. Let us know if we can do anything for you or Manny.

We love you.

Tim, Ligia, Abygail, Zachary and Mylie

Anonymous said...

I received warm and happy wishes from you on my 56th birthday, and I KNOW that I'll be sending you warm and happy wishes on YOUR 56th as well.


We're here with unconditional love and support, "in good times and bad; in sickness and in health".

Uncle Leo, Aunt Gail, Nick, Melissa and Leah

Anonymous said...

Kelly and Manny you are both in our prayers. We love you both. Keep your head up and be positive you will get through this with all the love and support of your family and friends, wer are all behind you. Yesterday after I heard the news, I turned the TV on and the Rachel Ray Show was on and as her guest speaker Olivia Newton-John was talking about her 16 years as a survivor of breast cancer. She calls herself a "thriver" rather than a "survivor." She spoke of how far research has gone with breat cancer since she had the cancer 16 years ago. So keep you head up Uncle Manuel and I are behind you and Manny with all our love and support.

Uncle Manuel and Tia Carol (Your Cal Train Partner)

acsilva said...

My Darlings: I see the fear in your eyes and I can only image the pain in your hearts. Take a deep breath and go forward with all the love and faith of family and friends because we will all be there for you IN A HEART BEAT! Life puts us through tests that sometimes we cannot understand. First have hope, but most of all believe. We love you and we're always here. I know that the good Lord and all of our guardian angels have their wings wrapped around you.xox

Anonymous said...

We are sending star power your way. If you need anything Kell, please let me know. I'm currently not working next year and the girls will be in school. So whaa la at your service!
The Rivas Family

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly and Manny, I am in tears hearing this. Our prayers will be on overdrive. You are so right though, that portuguese blood that runs through your veins is a weapon of strengh. We will be praying so hard for you guys. We love you and are here if you guys need ANYTHING! Dont hesitate to ask.
Your Cousins,
The Edges

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly,
First of all our prayers are with you and manny. Take it from me that god only puts in front of us what we can handle. We may not understand his plan now but these types of adversities are what shape and make us the people that the lord wishes. If there is anything that we can do please do not hesitate to call or write. I have a number of resources at my disposal here at the medical school. There are specialist that I can talk to if you can any questions or if you need any further clarification on something. I also have endless research articles and studies that I can send you that relate to whatever the doctor tells you. These might be able to help you understand new techniques, approches, treatments and so on. Again our prayers are with you and our guardian angles have been sent to bless you during this time. God is good and faith it what we have. We love ya. Stay stong and carry your faith on your shoulders. Remember: We can do all things through christ who strengthens US.


Nahtan, Ashley & Jazmyne Sutti

Monica said...

Kelly & Manny,

I know we've never met, but I feel like you're a good friend from just the "time" I spend with you on The Knot and such. I think of you 2 everyday and I include you all in my prayers, and I know you will fight this and win. If there's ever anything I can do besides making your blog look purdy, please let me know!

I was just in San Jose/Santana Row in March, if I would have known you were so close we could have met for drinks. :o)

Monica & Pee Wee (Bogey's twin)

Anonymous said...

I am sending good thoughts and lots of prayers your way - you are an inspiration, and I know you will prevail.

Bette said...

Dear Kelly & Manny,
Mike and I are SO sorry you have to go THROUGH this. And, we have no doubt you will get THROUGH it...all the way through to live a wonderful, happy life together.

Fr. Rudy already planned your 50th anniversary for you, and we know you'll be surrounded by your kids and grandkids when the time comes.

When the anger hits (and it probably will eventually)--try this--sit in a warm water filled bath tub...drink wine...slap the water...slap it again...and again...and again. Oh, then when your husband comes in the bathroom and sees an inch of water on the floor, and even more on the ceiling, and looks at you like you need a straight'll be able to tell him how much better you feel now...hmmmm, how do I know that? (Trust me, you will feel a little better)!

We will pray for you, and ask our friends to pray for you. I have faith that since God has brought you to this, he will bring you through this. I hope this is the very worst thing that you EVER have to face, that all of the bad stuff will be out of your way, and that the rest of your lives together will be "downhill from here". You will have earned it.
Much love,
Mike and Bette

Madrinha and uncle Bud said...

Dear Sweet Kelly and Manny,

We are so sorry tha God gave both of you such a huge cross to carry. My sweet godchild you have such a strong spirite and with Manny, your family and God by you side you are going to beat this. When things get hard such keep calling on God and all of us with our prayers will help you carry the cross.

We love you and Manny so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Prayer For You and Manny

God give you grace
And uphold you
In days to come
In all you do.

God comfort you
When you are down
And lift you up
To higher ground.

God walk with you
Step after step
In crisis hours
When you need help.

God hold you close
Both day and night
God give you love
God give you light.

Susie, Sam and Family said...

Kelly and Manny,
You will be in Our Prayers at Night. We will Think of You Often. We Send you Lots and Lots and Lots of Our Love.

Jill said...

With your sunny attitude for life I can't see you attacking it any other way then with a positive attitude. I'm so happy to hear you are being proactive. Lean on God for he is there to help carry Manny and you. You will be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you and praying for you and your family because as my mom went thru breast cancer everyone is affected by this disease one way or another. You have an amazing family and an group of friends who will be there for you thru this. My mom to had a port put in her and she unfortnately had to do Herceptin for a year. If you have any questions about anything regarding breast cancer please do not hesitate to contact my mom or me. It will seem like a lifetime going thru this, but before you know it, you will be done with all of this and life will be back to normal.

Nancy Santos & Family

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