Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long day!

Well today has been such a long day! It started off this morning with a long awaited haircut (see pic)! YAY all that long hair is now short and sleek. My sister sat beside me as my hairstylist chopped my hair and we looked through fun pictures, while drinking Starbucks!

After the haircut, I needed to go straight to San Jose, for the first of many appointments and to-do's... the MRI. WOW is that noisy! They first ask you to get down to your skivvies, put on hospital gown (which looked great with my metallic heels) then they find a vein for an IV (apparently I have "tiny veins") then face down on a bed. The bed then rises and rolls into the MRI machine where tons of pictures are taken, and I had to stay completely still. After about 20 minutes of pictures they inject a liquid and take another set of pictures. Lots of beeping and clicking, they even give you ear plugs- It's loud!

Once I was done with that, it had been on my and Manny's (and of course Carla's, LOL) mind to be proactive about our future family plan. I had contacted my gyno about the situation and was questioning whether or not I should "freeze" some of my eggs, she agreed we should. She recommended a great place in San Jose, and after many phone calls with Carla and Manny, we were squeezed in at 2:00pm. Discussed some options, had and ultra sound and I am now on a nightly shot that will help with the egg harvesting. However, since we have yet to meet with an oncologist (that's Friday) we are not sure if I have the time needed to do this before chemo starts. I will have more answers on Friday. yay for future little Manny & Kelly's!

We then headed to O'Connor Hospital for my PET scan, which I had to fast for and by this point I was starving! Here they had to dip into that same vein for yet another IV, where this time they inject radioactive liquid and let it drip for about 1hour-1 1/2 hours, I have to sit quietly, with out moving for the most part- alone! Then finally you are off to be pictured again and this time you lay face up, no noise and get to wear your own clothes. With my arms above my head in another donut tube for 40 mins of photos, 7" at a time from head to knees. The lady who took the photos said it turned out fine. The photos are available for viewing right away to the Nuclear Manager, she then came in and gave us great news- it has NOT spread! Except for the one lymph nod under my armpit which my Dr had already assumed. This is GREAT news!
With smiles on our faces, Manny, my mom, Anthony (our personal driver this week!) headed up to radiology for a chest x-ray, and then ended with one more blood test! We then drove to Santana Row for a long awaited dinner- I ate every bite of my shrimp pasta. ; ) I am not sure what I would do with out my little entourage this week, they have been so helpful. I guess Manny also kept them entertained by telling our love story, which they say he should publish...we'll see!

Well I am off to bed, I will attempt going to work tomorrow. Friday I will have a follow up with the Fertility Dr, then meet with the Oncologist.

Until next time, thank you again for all your prayers it seems to be working- keep 'em coming!

SMILE, Kelly xoxo


Stacy said...

Kelly, I am so happy to hear your blood tests came back clear and that you are egg harvesting. I wanted to suggest that to you, but didn't want to overstep boundaries.
You're always on my mind!


Sandy said...

Hi Kelly, I'm Stacy's mom, I kicked Breast Cancers Butt 2 years ago! I'm here for you little sister, praying for you, and sending you good vibes. I did Chemo and radiation, I had every test under the sun. If you want to talk, ask Stacy for my contact info. There is some advice that I want to pass on to you, STAY POSITIVE! I found that when people found out that I had BC most people wanted to share horror stories, I listened, so I didn't seem rude, then I forgot it. We all react differently to treatment, I did very well, I was 47 when I started my journey. You will be tired, so rest. You will be sad, so cry. You will be overjoyed each time a treatment is over, so celebrate! You are going to be amazed at how strong you become. This helped me so much during my treatment: I bought a loose leaf notebook with plastic paper protectors, each time I had a test done, I asked for a copy to be sent to me. I kept everything in this note book. I used dividers and labeled them: Oncologist, blood tests, referrals,Questions For the Doctor, etc. Then I took this book with me to all of my visits, I left it in the car, but there were times that I did have to go to the car and give someone my copy of a test. I can't tell you how helpful this was. If you'd like I can make you a book. If you have any questions please know that I am here for you. Love, Sandy: Stacy's Mom

Jade said...

My are such an inspiration to me! As I read what you have gone through over the past week, I find myself in tears. I am so sad that God has placed this obstacle in your way, but I am so proud of the strong woman you are. I am praying for you and Manny for God to give you strength and guidance. It sounds like you already have so many people who are giving you wonderful advice from having been through this experience as well. I'm so glad you have them to turn to. I will be here for anything you need. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers.
We love you, Danny, Jade & Daniel

Jade said...

I forgot to tell you....your hair looks FABULOUS!!!!!! Love it lady :) Jade

Susie, Sam and Family said...

Kelly and Manny,
Here's a Story for YOU...I hope you find it Funny---
So we take All of the Kids (nothing serious) to the doctor today. We have told all of them over and over again to Share and so they are all sharing the same cough. Yes, we taught them well!
So, we walk into the waiting room and the little girl already sitting there stands up, points at us and says, "Mommy look, look at all the kids they have!" So I quickly say, "And there's two in the car!" Her jaw drops suddenly and her eyes get really big. I wait a couple seconds longer and then say, "just joking".

I hope you Laughed... her Mother didn't.
Love from The Slaters

P.S. May you have many children and one day bump into that same little girl.

Pammy said...

Kelly & Manny,

Wow, I had no idea until today. You are both in our prayers. I am adding you to our prayer list at church tomorrow. The more prayin' the better. I think that this is going to be tough on the both of you, No doubt. But! You WILL get through this and y'all are going to be so much closer, stronger and love eachother more than you ever thought possible. I love you and will thinking of you both.

Pam Melton-Allen

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you. I also had A/C chemo for my BC treatment. Just a little warning everything tastes like metal with this treament, drink lots and lots of water to flush the chemo from your body. Eat little meals a few times a day. I found that watermellon really put the fire out in my belly. After treatment I craved steak, my brother in law was wonderful, he would grill me a steak whenever I wanted one. Your body will crave what it feels that it needs to replace. During your treatment it is so important to stay away from germs, seems impossible, but you must be careful. Keep hand sanitizer with you at all times. There was so much more I wanted to tell you, but "Chemo Brain" has set in. Just know that I am here for you. Much Love, Sandy: Stacy's mom

Anonymous said...

Kelly I woke up this morning and thought about you. I hope that you are doing well. I hope that you aren't feeling sick, I bet that you are tired. It is getting close to the time where you will be noticing changes in your hair. My hair started to feel very dry at this time. You might be noticing a lot more stands of hair in your brush. For some reason my hair came out in globs in the shower, I promise you it does not hurt one bit. It is upsetting. I didn't feel sick with cancer, treatment made me tired but I didn't feel sick, when my hair started falling out I didn't feel sick, but I sure looked sick. Stacy and her sisters said I had a pretty shapped head?! My hair was longer than yours, I had it cut like I see that you did. One special thing that Russ my husband did for me was, he shaved my head. We took control of the hair loss and it was wonderful. No more globs of hair in the shower. Here in Jersey we called it going topless... Just keep in mind that it is only hair and it grows back after treatment very quickly. If you choose to shave your head make sure that you sleep with a light weight soft cap to catch the stubs and to keep your head warm. Honey when I walked past a mirror I would do a double take. I remember the day all the stubs were gone and I was bald as bald could be. I stared back at my reflection and looked deep inside my eyes and I saw that I was the same person that I was before my hair loss. I didn't feel any less of a woman. I was me without hair that is it. You'll love all the time you save in the shower, not shavng your legs, or underarms, you no longer have to wait for 3 mins. for the conditioner to work, there are many perks!:) You'll be ready to go out way faster than Manny. I'm sending you my love. Hugs: Sandy, Stacy's mom.

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